Commercial Industrial Ice Making Machines For Sale 

Welcome to Ice and Oven –Australia’s specialist ice machine suppliers. Whether industrial, commercial or residential, we’re setting the standard for both the sourcing and installation of ice systems in Australia – successfully meeting the demand for ice makers in our country’s industrial and commercial sectors. Send us a message to see how we can service your business, whether you’re in Queensland, Tasmania, or Victoria. We also operate in South Australia and can meet your servicing needs up until New South Wales.

With many years of experience in the field, we’re well aware of our clients’ specific needs and wants. We strive to service these requirements as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible – always without compromise. Whether you have a restaurant that seats 150 people, or a factory site with more than 500 employees, Ice and Oven has a solution for your cooling needs.

Ice cube machines bear many benefits, some which are common knowledge. First of all, getting the perfect sized and shaped ice block every single time makes it an easy substance to handle. Also, you’ll never run out of ice unless you switch off the machine, eliminating the need to fill up ice trays every couple of days. View all of our ice machines online here.

Tube Ice Machines

With the ability to satisfy the varying needs of different industries, tube ice machines have been serving Australians at restaurants and super markets for years. They’re easy to operate, maintain and clean – all while running almost 24/7 in the application of freezing drinks, mixing wines, cooling food, making ice pastries and keeping stock fresh. We supply the ICESTA range of industrial ice making machines throughout Australia, all available in different capacities ranging from 1.0 to 60 tons per day.

Flake Ice

If you’re looking for a group of different ice types with irregular sizes, then flake ice is your answer. Ice and Oven have flake ice machines that make this possible in massive quantities for the commercial fishing and concrete cooling industries in our country. Ask us about our options.

Flow Ice

Where low flow rates are required, it would be irresponsible not to regulate your business’ constant flow of ice. This is being done effectively across Australia with a flow ice machine. Have a look at our mobile and easy-to-use options here – our machines can produce and store Flow-Ice® during off peak hours – for use during the day. This allows for more power during the day when energy is needed for air-conditioning and other applications where a cooling process is required. We also supply machines suitable for ice pigging and pipe pigging using pump-able Flow-Ice.

In addition to our range of commercial and industrial products, we take make a big effort to assist our customers in operating their facilities in an eco-friendly manner. We want to save the whole of Australia money and energy – with high quality, energy-efficient products. Be kind to both your budget and the environment with an ice machine from Ice and Oven.

We specialise in many types of ice machines, all with built-in guarantee.

Commercial Ice Machines

We have a commercial ice machine to suit you – from a small office to large factories and industrial work sites with hundreds of people, we have different sized icemakers – all designed to handle large quantities and the harshest of weather conditions.

Dispensing Machines

If you’re looking for an ice dispenser for your small office, factory, hotel or sports club, contact us today. We have a range of ice dispensing machines that will serve as the perfect solution for you, no matter how big or small your demand for ice.