As a company Ice And Oven Technologies is moving in a positive way to assisting customers operate their facilities in a more energy efficient and eco friendly manner.

Company Overview

Ice And Oven Technologies specializes in all forms of ice,both solid and liquid. Ice and Oven Technologies specialise in supplying high quality commercial and industrial ice machines for the Australian market.

Our products are supplied to a wide range of industries including commercial (supermarkets), hospitality (hotels and clubs, restaurants and catering), hospitals and retirement facilities, construction and mining, industrial (concrete batching plants) and food processing (fishing and agriculture).

Products include:

• Self-contained and modular package cube ice machines,
• Commercial flake ice machines,
• Industrial flake ice machines,
• Tube ice machines,
• Salt water ice plants,
• Block ice plants,
• Containerised ice plants with ice management (handling) system,
• Flow-Ice® (pumpable ice slurry)

All products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant CE and ISO 9001 standards and certification.