Containerised Blast Freezers

Ice And Oven Technologies identified a need for containerised freezing systems specifically designed for applications where the client does not wish to erect a permanent structure and needs it to be truck-portable. Further motivation is the ability to be able to move the asset wherever required, particularly in African countries where some fishing operations are still very young and the containerized freezing solution would be the first phase of the operation, after which more permanent structures can be put in place and these units could be moved to other operations.

We therefore developed a containerized Blast Freezer able to hold 5-6 tons of fish and freeze this volume in 12–16 hours from +20°C down to -20°C.

The system operates on refrigerant Freon 22 or Freon R404A and is equipped with a BOCK open-drive compressor model F16/2051, belt driven with a 37kW motor and an air-cooled condenser. The system is fitted into a standard marine insulated container, specifically converted to a 6m high cube.

This refrigeration system design is very simple, robust and easy to service and has been particularly successful in remote African countries with very little infrastructure.

Power requirements: Total motor power, installed, including fans from condenser and evaporator = 45kW (90 Amps, 400V/3ph/50Hz)

We have a range of designs for containerized commercial Blast Freezers and we invite you to discuss your needs with us.


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