Ice machines are rated at various conditions (water and ambient temperatures) and output is very much dependent upon application and location.
Unwanted tastes, odours, sediment and scale formation occur because of non-existent, faulty or inefficient water filtration. Ice machine performance also suffers if poor or no water filters are used and equipment warranty cover is also protected when correct and regularly maintained water filters are installed.
Water softeners are not recommended for the commercial style ice machines because they add salinity to the water and this affects the freeze point causing slower ice production and in the case of flake ice machine, results in ‘wet’ ice.
Life of an ice machine is very much dependent upon water quality, usage and preventative maintenance regime – if equipment is serviced, operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturers guideline the life expectancy can be up to 10 years and in some cases longer.
Ice and Oven Technologies provide full technical and service support (including manufacturers warranty) as well as stocks of spare parts for all equipment we sell.