Flake Ice Machines

Salt Water Flake Ice Machines

Staff Flake Ice Machines for marine and land based application with salt or fresh water. Units are supplied with horizontal rotating evaporator, oil immersed shaft seal, heavy-duty gear drive assembly and stainless steel frames and panels.

Heavy duty horizontal rotating drum evaporator specifically designed for on-board installation (fishing vessel) but also suitable for land based applications.

Low temperature (-7°C) salt-water flake ice at 1.2 to 2.2mm thick. Capacity range from 500 to 10,000 kg per day.

Commercial and Industrial Flake Ice Machines

ICESTA Flake Ice machines are supplied as self-contained compact packages, split units (separate ice machine with remote condenser) or as a stand-alone ice machine (evaporator) for integration with existing refrigeration plants.
Heavy-duty vertical fixed evaporators with rotating harvest system allowing for constant supply of uniformed quality flake ice.

All flake ice machines use internationally recognised refrigeration components and are built in accordance with the relevant CE and ISO and standards.

Capacity range from 500 kg to 60,000 kg per day with options for air or water-cooled condensing units.