FLOW ICE (Slurry Ice)

Flow-Ice® Systems

Flow-Ice® is a pumpable water and ice solution containing microscopic ice crystals that significantly improve heat transfer characteristics and this technology is used in various applications including;
• Process cooling for food and beverage industries,
• Marine (fishing) and aquaculture industries,
• Fresh produce growers and packers,
• As a secondary refrigerant,
• Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems,
• Ice pigging,
• Treatment of liquid waste products from chemical processes.

Flow-Ice® is an ideal cooling medium for delicate produce as the soft microscopic crystals ensure total encapsulation of products for immediate and uniformed cooling resulting in the prevention of bacterial formation and enzyme reactions.

Industry tests have proven that Flow-Ice® removes heat from perishable products at a far greater rate than conventional icing processes and therefore assists in prolonging the shelf life of fresh produce.

Flow-Ice® technology can also be used for the concentration of liquids and separation of waste products from liquid produced from chemical processes.

Flow-Ice® plants can be supplied as custom-built project specific packages or containerised packages complete with storage tanks and delivery system.