Commercial Ice Makers

Stay cool in summer with a range of ice making machines designed to supply you, your staff, your customers and your business with as much ice as you need.

Choose from our range of high-quality commercial ice makers, or industrial ice machines, designed for frequent use and tough conditions. Whatever your ice requirements, whether it’s for a restaurant, hotel, an industrial site or a retail store, we have a machine that can handle all your ice demands.

Our Ice-O-Matic commercial ice makers and accessories are robust, reliable and easy-to-operate machines. Ice at the push of a button. With their simple design, these machines work hard and non-stop. We have machines that can produce ice cubes, flake ice and pearl ice.

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Flow Ice Systems

We offer a variety of Flow Ice machines with the capability to produce and store Flow-Ice® during off peak hours, for use during the day. This allows you to dramatically lower power costs for providing air-conditioning and all applications where process cooling is required.

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Slurry Ice

Direct cooling by slurry ice can be achieved by ensuring the direct contact of the pumpable ice slurry with the product. The chilling time is fast, on average 4x to 5x faster than when flaked ice or chilled water are applied to the same product.

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Slurry Ice / RSW Combination – Pressurised Tanks On Fishing Vessels

Slurry ice can be used in combination with RSW (refrigerated sea water systems) and is particularly advantageous on board large and small pelagic vessels.

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The local fishing industry uses slurry ice for a wide range of fish species caught locally, and in a variety of applications. Slurry ice has been proven effective in this market, providing better returns with higher prices per kilogram of product sold.

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Food Processing

Cooling of pre-cooked foods, which are vacuum packed or in plastic sleeves, requires fast cooling from very high temperatures. Direct contact with slurry ice has been proven to provide the fastest cooling times under these circumstances.

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Ice Pigging

Ice pigging is when you use an ice slurry to remove dirt and sediment from your pipes. When you want to use pumpable ice for pipeline pigging, contact the ice pigging specialists at Ice and Oven, we have the equipment, knowledge and experience to help you out.

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Industrial Ice Machines

Whatever kind of industrial ice machine you are looking for, contact the specialists at Ice and Oven. We offer quality machines with high capacity; our ICESTA range of machines is capable of producing anything from 1.0 to 60 tonnes of ice per day.

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Dispensing Machines

Easy-to-use ice dispensing machines for your restaurant or hotel.

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In addition to large industrial and commercial ice machines and dispensers, we also stock a wide range of all the accessories you will ever need for your ice maker.

Contact us today, we have the coolest products in Australia.

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