Staff Salt Water Flake Ice

The Staff SPS range of salt water flake ice machines are

available as either low side (evaporator) units or “systems”

with remote air or water cooled condensing units.

Units are available from 350kg to 2600kg production per day.

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Ice For Concrete (Concrete Batching Plants)

Concrete cooling can play an essential part in jobs where larger pouring is required.  It is also a used in hotter climates.

During this transit from the batching plant to site, and during the concrete curing process in elevated ambient temperatures, it is often necessary to retard “curing”.  This curing process is retarded by the use of chilled water or flake ice.  This prevents excessive variation (increase) in volumes laid and assists in minimising cracking in the poured material. The result is a controlled cure and a more homogenous product that is more likely to meet required parameters.

Ice And Oven Technologies can provide ice plants for use during concrete batching.

Ice plants come complete with ice maker (scale or tube ice), ice storage and management system.

Weighing and transfer stations are now available in capacities of 5 to 300 tonne per day for concrete batching plants.

Concrete Batch Image