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Life happens a lot easier when you make the right decision


You are a caterer. You are a restaurant owner. In fact, maybe you’re both. You walk into the kitchen to find your fellow staff huddled around the oven because for the last hour or so, it has failed to show signs of life (or heat). This could be another bad day and with the ever-growing puddle at the base of the ice machine, optimism might just be beyond you.

Your ice machine is on the fritz and the oven’s best days are definitely past it. What are your options? Ok – in this day and age – you have plenty but perhaps the catch is there are a fewer solutions. Ice and Oven Technologies would like to make this decision both easier and clearer for you.

As our story unfolds, we’ve taken note of aspects of our growing business that got us this far. We are also aware that these very same things are what continue to push us forward. What better time to share the pros of selecting us for your next ice machine or oven solution than now? We agree – there is no time like the present! Below we’ve listed the reasons why you should, at the very least, consider us:

We don’t blow hot and cold


We are in a committed relationship with every one of our clients – period. Our clients come from a broad range of industries including mining and construction, restaurant and catering as well as fishing. The quality of services we offer is only possible because we take the time to work closely with each client and tailor a solution for their needs. Quite simply, the centre of our service is you – and we’ll make sure you know it.

You’ll never walk alone


If there is one thing the team at Ice and Oven Technologies has in common, it is our views on helping and providing assistance – it’s always a pleasure, never a chore. We provide full technical and service support so you can rest assured a helping hand is never hard to find. We’re a friendly team who is more than happy to offer you advice or information regarding anything to do with ice machines and ovens.

All reward, no risk


The best part about purchasing and working with us is we know the value of a little peace of mind. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the unlikely or unforeseen. We not only stock spare parts for the equipment we sell but also supply manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Variety (and quality) is the spice of life


Servicing a diverse range of companies from varying industries keeps us in touch with current trends in the market and aware of the best products available. We ensure we keep these stocked to provide you with choice and quality that will help take your business forward. Our solutions are cost-effective, energy efficient, improve productivity and are eco-friendly.

We’ve listed the pros and perhaps it might seem just a bit biased but we are confident because our services always have you at heart. We’d like to suggest the only con is we didn’t share this with you sooner, but we’ll let you decide once you pop in for a visit.

Call us today on 1800 423 683 and discover more reasons why you should choose us.