Pipe Remediation Via Pipe Pigging Using Flow-Ice

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Pipe Remediation Via Pipe Pigging Using Flow-Ice

Pipes and pipelines tend to become fouled with many contaminants, including rust-scale and various other detritus and  the use of pumpable Flow-Ice is an effective way to scour pipes without introducing hard “pigs” that may cause structural damage to some pipelines.

Also, being fabricated from various solid materials  – plastics and metals – pigs may be quite expensive to use. Sometimes, solid pigs may be difficult to place, use, and recover.

Flow-Ice is a non-chemical process that scours the internal walls of pipes to remove corrosion or other contamination, via friction, without causing any structural damage to the pipework

This is accomplished using pumpable Flow-Ice (also known as Binary ice or Micro Ice).

Flow-Ice can be introduced into the pipes via fire hydrants and discharged via hydrants at a predetermined distance and location.

This allows the recovery of contaminated debris that has been removed via the ice pigging process. Alternatively the waste stream can be directed into other methods of disposal according to local discharge laws and requirements.

The application of Flow-Ice is not restricted to municipal water supplies, Any pipe that requires flushing and cleaning is a potential candidate.