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Process Cooling

Fluid Transporting Latent Heat

Slurry ice has the advantage of high heat transfer rates and can be used very effectively in applications where low flow rates are required, to save pumping cost.  This is only possible with a fluid transporting latent heat.


Very High Cooling Rates

Some process cooling requires fast cooling times during peak loads throughout the working day.  Slurry ice has the advantage of being stored in a buffer tank and can be pumped through indirect cooling jackets or heat exchangers to provide very fast chilling times, thus maximising existing equipment usage to deliver better products and increased production.


Very Effective Secondary Refrigerant

Slurry ice is a very effective secondary refrigerant, with ammonia as the primary refrigerant.  Energy efficiency, in combination with cost effective installations, and the simplicity of slurry ice, pumped as easily as water through heat exchangers, ensures that slurry ice is the most suitable choice.  The use of slurry ice has the advantage of lower circulation rates (up to 5 time lower circulation rates) and pipe diameters of half the diameter, compared to glycol or equivalent secondary refrigerant systems.


Containerised Flow-Ice Systems

A very compact “plug and play” containerised Flow-Ice System.  This system is mobile and all that would be required is power supply and water.  There are two options – the first a 6 metre container with a 10 ton agitated storage space and the second is a 12 metre container with 30 ton agitated storage space.


Flow-Ice Packaged Systems

The standard packaged unit is the most powerful, robust system with the smallest footprint possible.