The Merrychef Eikon Oven

Ice And Oven Technologies is “cooking up a storm” with the Merrychef accelerated high speed commercial ovens and cooking systems that it imports from the UK and distributes exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to their use in BP Wild Bean outlets and rapidly growing sales to Subway in Australia and New Zealand, there are a number of large Franchise operations currently evaluating various models prior to commencing roll-outs.

At the same time, single store owners from restaurants to Tapas bars are enjoying the cost savings from using commercial ovens that do not require extraction equipment yet produce food that could happily be served in a five star restaurant.

Cook practically anything fast and to perfection – all with the ease of a touchscreen!

Advanced cooking technology with planar plume and microwave technologies for faster, even heating and browning.

The Merrychef Eikon oven is perfect for restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, kiosks or any quick serve restaurant.

  • Pre-programmable with recipes for consistent repeatable results.
  • Menu items are never more than two touches away.
  • Simple, logical symbols.
  • Control costs by turning semi skilled staff into professionals!

Merrychef Eikon Ovens to view the Merrychef Eikon oven models.


The Gierre Oven Range

Designed for professional gastronomy offering the option of three different cooking procedures – convection with humidification, steam, convection/steam combined.

The Gastrotek oven is designed specifically for use in a multiple function kitchen, perfect for a cafe or restaurant wishing to carefully bake pastries, steam vegetables and roast meats. Gastrotek is the perfect combination for those who focus on pastry,  but have the need for full combination cooking. Available with either manual control and humidity, LED back lit control panel or LCD display with pre programmed options. Gastrotek has direct steam injection and is available with 6 x 1/1GN tray spacing or 12 x 1/1GN trays. Options include stainless steel stands and humidity/ warming chambers.

With direct steam or boiler generation, these enable their user to work with great flexibility and achieve the best cooking results coupled with equipment easiness of use and maintenance.  All versions are equipped with core probe.


The Inducs Range

INDUCS are the worlds leading induction cooking technology (manufactured in Switzerland).

RTCS® technology is a revolutionary development by INDUCS AG that for the first time allows temperature-controlled cooking, frying and keeping food warm.

Ice And Oven Technologies can offer a range of induction commercial cookers that can be located anywhere that there is a standard power point.  Fast and economical, these commercial cookers are the perfect partner for a Merrychef Accelerated Cooking Oven.

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