Best Toaster Ovens In Australia

When it comes to producing amazing tasting food for large amounts of hungry people, fast and efficiently, you need a high-quality, fast cooking toaster oven. An easy-to-use touchscreen means anyone can cook practically anything fast and to perfection, even you!

Commercial toaster ovens are not what they used to be. Using the latest technology, these commercial toaster ovens are actually high speed cooking machines, with the ability to cook to perfection large quantities of food, at a speed 15x faster than regular ovens. They also enjoy many advancements making them easier to use and more productive at the same time.

Ultimate Menu Flexibility And Speed
Exclusive EasyTOUCH pictorial screen technology 
  • Pre-programme with all your recipes for consistent, repeatable results
  • Menu items are nevery more than two touches away
  • Simple, logical symbols
  • Control costs by turning semi-skilled staff into professionals
  • High-quality commercial toaster oven


Energy & Cost savings
  • Stan-by mode powers down the oven when it’s not in use
  • Quick recovery times when needed
  • Ventless technology means no additional ventilation or extra power supply costs



We stock the full range of Merrychef High Speed Ovens, including:
Merrychef Eikon e2s

Easy cooking with an easy-to-use touchscreen. The Merrychef Eikon e2 is particularly useful in coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, bakeries, concessions, kiosks and any quick serve restaurant. This is a ventless system that can cook food up to 10x faster than regular cooking methods.

Merrychef Eikon e4

The e4 model is an accelerated cooking, high-speed oven which combines three heat technologies – convection heat, impingement air and microwave energy – to achieve cooking times up to 15x faster than conventional toaster ovens used in Australia today.  This high-speed oven is ideal for quick and limited service restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels and universities.


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